Sursa Tech is the perfect choice for your business software needs.

Guided by the belief that technology, if utilized properly, can revolutionize the corporate world, Sursa Tech was established in 2017 with a major focus on software development, quality analysis and mobile development projects. As an IT service provider based in Nepal, we tirelessly strive towards working with a global workforce and provide our best service to those who seek tech-oriented services. During the four years of operation, we have worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and we pride upon our work ethic and dedication that delivers the best in the industry.


We seek to tirelessly work with our best workforce to become the best outsourcing Information Technology company based in Nepal and become a global market leader in the field of web and software development and testing services.


The mission of Sursa Tech Pvt. Ltd is to become the leading IT service provider and producers of cutting edge technology-oriented offerings. We seek to incorporate the rapidly changing advancements in the IT sector and utilise it to create highly profitable products and services directed towards our aim of strengthening the global corporate scene in the best way imaginable.


Sursa Tech greatly values quality and ensures commitment and reliability in everything we do. We are always striving to make the best use of the resource at hand while working efficiently to meet the best standards for all our deliverables.

As an emerging market leader in Information Technology, we as a team, always seek to give our best efforts in all our deliverables. With your satisfaction in mind, our efforts will always be an outcome of your satisfaction in mind.

Why Sursa Tech?

Our humble beginnings back in the days have progressed into a full-fledged and high-functioning company today. With more than half a decade of operations under our belt, we have polished ourselves and are on the quest of becoming the most trusted name as a provider of Information Technology Services.

Quality Services & Deliverables

We love tech and our team of tech gurus are skilled with their hands and are experts at what they do. We have embraced the latest languages of the machines and seamlessly incorporate them in ways that shape your needs at hand.

Outsourcing – Translates to a Wider Access to Talent Pools

As an outsourcing company, we are ever ready to undertake any challenge your organisation may be going through and transform it through the means of efficient tech-oriented solution.

In-house Products

Alongside our best services, we also have a handful of in-house products directed towards diverse areas of the corporate world.

Price That Does Not Pierce Your Pockets

Seamless functionalities, organisational efficiency, prompt support services and easy to navigate interface – we will provide all that you’d wish for at a price that doesn’t pierce your pockets. Best services are assured at all times.

Prompt Technical Support

We boast after-sales efforts. Your satisfaction and ease of usage tops our priority list. We’re just a call or a text away. Contact us, should you come across any roadblocks when using our services and we’ll work on it together.

We’re Here To Help Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation

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Our Team

Our journey started with humble beginnings and has now evolved into a dedicated team of skilled individuals. The team consists of dynamic and proficient youths who excel in their respective roles, collaborating with a leadership team of experienced senior members in the field of Information Technology.

Dilip Thapa
Dilip ThapaCEO & Founder
Deepak Thapa
Deepak ThapaCo-founder & Business Development

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