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Are You Dedicated, Hardworking, And Fun? Join Us!

If you are tech savvy, consistent and can make computers do stuff, we’d like to work with you. Sursa Tech is forever striving to deliver the best and pride upon our teamwork and output. Come on board. We’ll ensure challenges, growth and productivity for you, all while working for and with a diverse workforce and clients from all over the world.

Build Your Future At Sursa

You’ll be delighted to work with the best developers who build the best products in the industry, you’ll enjoy working with our team.

Tackle global requirements amidst a diverse clientele

With the world becoming more of a global village and the people embracing themselves as citizens of the world, you can make the optimum use of our global clients while working to identify and understand the international standards and corporate requirements. With multiple Fortune 500 companies as our clients, you will have the chance to be ready for global standards of work while simultaneously being exposed to diversity and versatility in terms of work ethics, dealings and projects.


Teamwork and Collaboration Is the Law

With a team that’s still growing in size, you’ll have multiple opportunities to test and prove yourself. Here at Sursa, we value togetherness alongside a professional input. So buckle up and we’ll have fun and learn and deliver and reach greater heights together. Grow alongside us as we take on newer challenges. Polish your professional self into a better version of you!

Perks & Benefits

Sursa offers a great career with exceptional benefits.

Ready For Your New Job?

We value your efforts and seek to work hand in hand as we aim for higher grounds. Embrace the essence of global business and work right from the comfort of your own place. We want to grow beyond borders. As a part of our team, we’ll ensure your growth too.