Experience the sursa tech difference

Sursa Tech is the perfect choice for your business software needs.

Driven with the zeal of building technology for the best, our team is acquainted with exactly what you need for the work to be done. Designing, coding, front and back end development, full stack processes, cross functional programs, etc. all come under our belt and we are always looking to ensure that our solutions encompass the latest trends in the field concerned. From simple sites to complex programs, the team can handle it all with ease and the projects are always bound to be completed within the timeframe. With consistency, innovation and critical thinking on par, we are dedicated to delivering the best in the industry.

Advanced Software, Advanced Research for Advanced People

What We Do

We are purely an outsourcing company offering specialized services alongside the assurance of the highest standards of quality through the means of ethical sourcing practices. Our core strength lies in the development of reliable and efficient technology curated to fit the needs of your organization. Our offerings can deviate towards manual as well as tech-oriented and are performed with the aim of ensuring the best results for your company.

Software Development

We take care of the frontend as well as the backend development and deliver seamless functionality alongside the guarantee of an easily navigable user interface. Having said that our technology is mobile friendly with its responsiveness and we do cross-functional also.

We aim to deliver the best and pride ourselves on our expertise regarding what we do. Currently, we are serving with the technologies listed below:

  • Web & Cross-Platform Development:
    • Microsoft stack with .NET, .NET Core, Groovy on grails.
    • ASP.NET MVC, – JavaScript, JQuery, Node JS, Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS, React Native, WordPress, Xamarin, CSS/HTML
  • UI/UX Design:
    • Adobe XD, Figma
  • Mobile Development:
    • iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter
  • Cloud Computing (Amazon, Azure, Heroku):
    • CI/CD – Circle CI, Azure Pipeline, Github Actions, App Center, Test Flight, Android Play Store

We perform QA audits that include functional and/or load performance tests to deliver the best services from our platform.

We basically outsource QA service to assure the quality of our client’s product irrespective of any domain. We assure that the product meets its requirement flawlessly and check if it works just the way it was created.

With our finest QA team, we not only deliver a service of high standards but also one which is very cost-effective. We offer great service at a competent price and believe in customer satisfaction.

How We Work

  • We learn your business first, via document[BRD/SRS] or verbal [KT].
  • Then with the input received we prepare a complete test plan as in what /how and in which platform to test?
  • On the basis of the test coverage, we estimate the approximate time of completion along with the cost.

Our pool of skilled & experienced QA resources will check every point of the test plan to assure that it has covered all the test scope.

Hire Professional

We understand the diverse necessities that corner an organization while driving it to become the best in the industry. The corporate world is challenging and demands top-notch work at every level possible. We work to curb the skillset limitation through our consultation services. Our team is well equipped with the expertise and experience needed to reach the ideal levels of performance. Our team is fluent in the language of the machines and are adept at solving issues that arise in the field. Alongside creating products for corporates in the business, we also provide consulting services for those who seek to have insights on their processes. We pay close attention to detail and identify the best path to be taken for your good. Through our provisions of SMEs based on your needs and specifications that have been identified, we aim for a greater good that serves all parties involved – our performance, your brand concerns, and client satisfaction.

To be specific, our expertise revolves around the following technology stack:

JavaScript, JQuery, Node JS, Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS, React Native, WordPress, Xamarin, CSS/HTML – developers, Automation Engineer, Functional QA Engineer.

Website Design & Development

In the world of cluttered space and increased digital disarrangement, having an easily navigable interface goes a long way in retaining clients that land up on a page. Minimal, aesthetic and functional is what is desired and we work with the same in mind. We understand the importance of having a clean site or application and our in-house developers are skilled at recognizing the need of time. Our team extensively utilizes research and user testing while making informed design decisions for an ultimate increase in site visits, a steady conversion rate alongside an alluring engagement that will help you accomplish all that’s been planned.
The core of our creativity is backed up by powerful softwares like Adobe XD and FIGMA, both of which visualize the ideals that guarantee productivity.