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by Rhiya Shrestha


Categories: Featured, Technology

by Rhiya Shrestha



Greetings enthusiast! We see that you are keen to know about in-house quality assurance and outsourcing. But before jumping right into it let us first understand the essence of Quality Assurance (QA). QA is one of the key parts of web application development which helps to deliver an error free product and gives your application a green signal. This is the point where you do not want to hurry things up, it being so crucial, but this is the exact point where your In-house QA team starts to bumble. Hang on here until the very end and your own intellect will pull you out of the orthodox dull path and lead you through the contemporary way called Outsourcing.

Know the difference between Checking and Testing:

Checking and testing are two closely related but distinct terms that people often confuse to be of the same meaning. Checking is the process of confirming or validating whereas testing is a process of investigation, learning and detection of bugs. Checking is a quality assurance process while testing is not. Checking needs time which is what your in-house QA team is spending most of the time doing, as a result of which the time frame for testing is narrowed down and the product obtained is of low grade. Don’t you think having an out source for checking your product would be handy and free of negligence and full of diligence? We say hiring Outsource would allow you to be assured of an application with utmost efficiency.

A penny saved is a penny earned:

You would need to hire QA team and pay them like any other full time employee when the actual QA job can be finished in a certain timespan. If you outsource your QA from our company you could hire our bona fide QA personnel in an hourly rate which will save you from spending a hefty amount of money.

Time to save time:

With few in-house QA people the pace is really slow. Recruiting a large number of QA staff at your workplace would be chaotic and cost you a lot. Eventually, you will opt for outsourcing them for the better.

Getting rid of all your in-house QA personnel is not what we are suggesting:

For a day to day operation you can have the in-house QA personnel. They will have the first hand overview. But they are not the people you would want to depend upon at the peak hours as they won’t have a broad proficiency. Outsourced QA team come in a range of expertise, they do not make blunders and are always on time. Outsourcing is a Win – Win in any situation. You wouldn’t want to risk, would you?

Outsourcing helps to focus on other bits that need attention:

Steve Mezak, an expert in software outsourcing solutions and a member of Forbes Technology Council once quoted “You outsource to get a proven software development process so you can focus on your own core competency “. Need we say more?

SURSA TECHNOLOGY: Now, coming to our company we provide a service by outsourcing our QA team, in order to check the quality of IT industry in any domain. With our finest QA team you not only get a service of high standards but also one which is very cost effective .Our QA works on  need basis from hourly to monthly or yearly in a very reasonable amount.

You might be wondering if we also provide Open source. Well, we are very pleased to inform you that we have open source which is absolutely free of cost. Our organization doesn’t just target local clients, we also provide service to global clients as well! We have the ultimate solution to all your problems. You would never want to turn towards your old ways after signing up with us, we guarantee this with confidence. Below is a basic idea of what we do:

What we do



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